Welcome! My name is Tim Counts and I am married to my beautiful wife Melanie, father of two sons and a daughter, the Pastor at Northshire Baptist Church in Manchester Center, Vermont, and a writer.  I serve on the Board of Directors for the Baptist Convention of New England and the Leadership Team for Small Town Summits (a ministry affiliated with The Gospel Coalition New England).

You may contact me below about writing or speaking, or just to say hello:

The name of my blog is “He Must Become Greater” which is from John 3:30, “He [Christ] must become greater, I must become less.”  My goal is to glorify God as much as possible in life by making much of Christ.  I hope that God will be more glorified by the devotional and pastoral thoughts on this blog.  Thanks for stopping by!

In addition to the articles and posts on this blog, I am a contributor to LifeWay’s HomeLife magazine, LifeWay’s Open Windows devotional magazine, and a devotional written by New England pastors, Awakening Hearts. As you browse my articles, you will see that some have been featured at places such as Desiring God, The Gospel Coalition, 9Marks, The Master’s Seminary blog, For the Church, Lifeway, the Baptist Convention of New England blog, the Family Research Council, and several newspapers including our local and also largest state newspaper.

I served as a pastor in Washington state and New Mexico before coming to Northshire Baptist Church in Vermont.  I am thankful for my time at The Master’s Seminary, where I received my M.Div.  I am passionate about preaching God’s Word expositorily, verse-by-verse, because I know that the Holy Spirit uses the inspired Word of God to bring salvation and growth in Christ-likeness.  I love to see the power of the gospel at work as people come to know Christ as their Savior and Lord, and also as believers grow in their understanding of how the gospel affects their daily lives.

4 Replies to “About”

  1. Even though I live near Hollywood these days, I’ve never had any interest in being an agent. However, if pastors needed agents, I would gladly work for you Tim. You are already a great shepherd, and any church would be blessed to have you care for them. The Lord is faithful, as you well know, and He certainly has a flock for you to feed.

    1. Bud, I would gladly take you as an agent if that were the case! Or as my Pastor. It will be neat to see where the Lord places you too after you graduate. How great to know that His good sovereignty permeates our lives. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Tim Counts! I am so glad to hear the Lord has given you a church in Washington! I am so glad to have found your blog. I would love to catch up it has been almost 10 years since I saw you last at gilead. Would love to see you when you and your wonderful family get settled in to your new home and church.- Josh Hehe

    1. Josh Hehe! Sorry for my SLOW reply, we were in the middle of moving, starting this new ministry & having a baby! I am so glad that you are on here! I hope that you are on Facebook. Either way, let’s get in touch soon; if you are close then let’s do coffee or lunch…otherwise we’ll get together sometime! I hope you’re doing well; it was so great to hear from you!

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