One Reply to “Pastor Tim’s Sermons”

  1. Dear Brother Tim,
    Thank you for your website resources. I have just discovered it, through the Desiring God website article you recently posted. I am writing to ask for your help. My own Pastor suffers from serious depression periodically as struggles with motivation in his many duties (3 congregations, Prison Fellowship, disabled wife, etc). He is faithful to his calling and Christ-like in his own personal holiness. I have been trying to support him through his latest dark period of depression (prayer & encouragement from Scripture). I am sadly lacking in knowledge of the pressures that a Pastor faces in terms of worries, burdens, duties, struggles, responsibilities, and the limited resources of a small congregation without any real eldership for support in pastoral care etc. Can you help me with any advice or resources I can access that might be of some support to my Pastor?

    Thank you for your time and consideration, whether or not your are able to help me at this time.
    God bless you in your faithful devotion to God, in peace and grace, as you fellowship with our LORD.
    Love in the Lord

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